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Online English Course (Mini-Group)

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Online Group English Course.

Product Description

The Online Group Course is held in the evenings with other students from around the world.  These lessons offer students the opportunity to practise and maintain their conversational English skills.

Learning English Online is an ideal solution for students with busy schedules to integrate English lessons into their daily routines.  All you need is an internet connection and a tablet, phone or computer!

Taking an Online English Course is an excellent solution for English students who wish to improve their English but are unable to travel to Malta. This course option is also a popular choice for English students who wish to continue learning English after their course in Malta is finished. Online English lessons are a very popular option for students who wish to practice English conversation or to prepare for the speaking module of an English exam.

The English Lessons Online Course is a monthly course consisting of 4 English Lessons per week.  Each lesson is 45 minutes.

New students are given an Assessment Test and interview to gauge their level of English and speaking skills.  Students are then assigned a course suited to their level and requirements.