Online English Lessons (Private)

€380.00 €300.00

20 English lessons are available via Skype, Messenger, Whatsap and Hangouts.  Each private English lesson is 45 minutes.

Product Description

The English Lessons Online Course consists of 20 English Lessons (each lesson is 60 minutes). Your lessons can be held at any time of the day to suit your schedule. Before the course starts you will be sent an Assessment Test to gauge your level of English. Based on the results of your tests, a course will be designed to focus on your specific weaknesses and problems in English.

Taking an Online English Course is an excellent solution for English students who wish to improve their English but are unable to travel to Malta. This course option is also a popular choice for English students who wish to continue learning English after their course in Malta is finished. Online English lessons are a very popular option for students who wish to practice English conversation or to prepare for the speaking module of an English exam.

Each lesson is purpose-designed to practice the particular skill and areas of English which you need to focus on.  Following each lesson, H.W. will be assigned and a 5 – 10 minute transcript of the lesson will be sent to you.  The transcript will indicate errors in various skills such as pronunciation, sentence structure, vocabulary and grammar.  Students are advised to complete one to two hours of self-study between lessons.