Adjectives vs Adverbs B1 Exercise

Mixed Adjectives & Adverbs – B1 Intermediate Level ING or ED? Confusing Adjectives Exercise Grammar Rules:  Adjective Order in English

SO, VERY, TOO Exercise

Multiple-Choice Exercise to practise the difference between SO & VERY   Grammar Rules: SO vs VERY

So vs Such Exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to practise the difference between SO & SUCH USE SO: before an adjective to make it stronger.  Example:  The movie was so good. USE SUCH: before a noun to make the phrase stronger.  Example:  It’s such a good movie. PRACTICE EXERCISE SO or SUCH (A2 / Pre-Intermediate Level) SO, VERY, SO THAT Grammar Rules 

Like vs As

LIKE and AS are both used in English to say that things or similar.  However, there is a difference between LIKE and AS. USE like before a noun or a pronoun. Examples: He looks like his father. The book is like the film. She is just like her mother.  Very friendly. COMMON EXPRESSIONS WITH LIKE look like, feel like, smell like, sound … Read More

Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate

283 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate Test your comparatives and superlatives in English with this exercise. 1 / 54 Travelling by train is ___________ (convenient) way to travel. the most convenient most convenient the convenientest 2 / 54 It's very noisy here. Can we go somewhere __________ (quiet)? quietest quieter / more quiet more ... Read More

Superlatives Exercise Elementary A2

13 Created on July 05, 2020 Superlatives Exercise Elementary A2 Do you know how to use superlatives in English?Test yourself with this exercise.Elementary / A2 Level 1 / 10 Happiness is _______ (important) thing. most important the importantest the most important 2 / 10 The students in the class are all bad. But Julio is ________ (bad). the baddest the ... Read More

Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2

Read these rules for the comparative form in English before completing the comparatives exercise below. Use the comparative form in English when you want to compare 2 things. For example: America is bigger than England. Horses are more intelligent than rabbits. Comparative Form Add /er/ to the end of adjectives with one syllable and adjectives with 2 syllables ending in … Read More