Future Verb Tenses Mixed Forms

In this multiple-choice exercise, you must choose ALL the correct answers to the questions. More than one answer may be correct.

Future Continuous or Future Perfect Exercise

Choose the correct Future Tense (Perfect of Continuous) to complete this exercise. Be careful! You also need to recognise the sentences which cannot use either the Future Continuous or the Future Perfect. Good luck!.

English Test: Verb Tenses

Test your VERB TENSES in English with this quiz. Review the active form of the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous tenses verb tenses in the present, past and future.   More B2 or Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Exercise

Mixed Forms in the Past – B1 Intermediate Level Multiple Choice Exercise Complete the gaps in the sentences by choosing the correct form of the PAST SIMPLE, PAST CONTINUOUS & PAST PERFECT. Use the Past Simple: When the action is finished and the time is past. Use the Past Continuous: When the action is unfinished in the past. Use the … Read More

Present vs Past: Simple, Continuous or Perfect

This is a multiple-choice exercise to practise the following verb forms: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Continuous & Past Perfect.   Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Exercise English Test: Verb Tenses Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise B1 Click here for B1 Intermediate Exercises Time Expressions Present Perfect & Past Simple