adverb frequency infographicADVERBS OF FREQUENCY

These adverbs are used to say when something happens.  Adverbs improve your writing and your speaking as they give a little bit of extra information about what you want to say.

The most common adverbs of frequency are:

  1. always
  2. usually / normally / generally / typically
  3. often / frequently / regularly
  4. sometimes
  5. occasionally / from time to time
  6. rarely / hardly ever / seldom
  7. once in a lifetime
  8. never

Example sentences with adverbs of frequency.

1. I always wake up at 6a.m.

2. I usually go to bed at 10p.m.

3. I often forget where I put my keys!

4. I sometimes watch a movie before I go to sleep.

4. Sometimes, I watch a movie before I go to sleep.

4. I watch a movie before I go to sleep sometimes.

Note: SOMETIMES is flexible in sentence structure.  You can use sometimes at the beginning of the sentence, at the end of the sentence or before the main verb.

5. I occasionally go for a run in the morning.

6. I rarely go shopping.

7. I never drink and drive.  That’s crazy!

Here’s a little video presentation of adverbs of frequency.


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