What’s the difference between USED TO / BE USED TO / GET USED TO & WOULD?

USED TO / WOULD = Regular Habit in the Past

  • I used to/ would ride my bike after school every day.
  • I used to smoke.  I would smoke.
  • I used to/ would smoke a packet of cigarettes every day.

TO BE USED TO + ING = Something is normal or not new for you

  • I’m used to walking to work.  I’ve done it every day for the last 2 years.
  • I’m used to living by the sea.  In fact, I’ve lived by the sea all my life.
  • He wasn’t used to eating with chopsticks before he went to live in Japan.

TO GET USED TO + ING = The process of something becoming normal or not strange for you

  • She didn’t like have her hair cut at first but she is getting used to it. (Her new hairstyle is becoming normal for her.)
  • He was very scared at first but he got used to driving his motorbike.  (Driving a motorbike is normal for him now.)
  • She doesn’t like animals but now she has got used to the cat. (The cat is not a problem for her anymore.)


Exercise 1:  Multiple Choice

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Choose the best form of the verb to complete the gaps in the sentences below

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Our teacher _________ grammar exercises for homework every day when we are at school.

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At first, living alone was very scary for her but she ________ it.

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We _______ buy an ice-cream after football on Sundays.

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We _______ to post our postcards when we went on holiday.

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I ______ long hair when I was a child

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When he young, he ________ walk to school every day.

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Speaking in English was very strange at first, but ________.

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I am used to working late means…

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Complete this grammar rule: Use ___________ for actions that happened once in the past.

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People ______ and chat in the old days but now everyone is too busy.

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It's very cold here. I ______ such cold weather

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I almost crashed the car a few times when I started driving in England, because I _______ on the left side of the road.

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_______ do a lot of English tests when you were at school?

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______ do your homework when you were at school?

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They only got married last month. They ______ as a married couple.

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She _______ do any exercise when she was a child. Now, she runs in marathons!

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We _______ in a city. Living is such a busy place is very strange for us.

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I'm very full after eating all that food. I _______ so much at lunch!

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There _______ an old hospital here but now there's a block of apartments.

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I think people ______ exercise before the internet was invented.

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Complete this grammar rule: Use USED TO for…..

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Exercise 2

Select all the verb forms which can be used to complete the sentence below.
Be careful. In some of the sentences, more than one answer is correct.

  Verb Followed By Preposition (to Vs At)Does She’s Mean She Is Or She Has?   


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