BRING as a Phrasal Verb Exercise

Exercise 1: Match the Meaning

Drag and drop the phrasal verb and match it to its meaning.

Exercise 2: Multiple Choice
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Phrasal Verb Bring Multiple Choice Exercise

Choose the best phrasal verb with bring to complete the sentences.

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President Trump ________ (caused to happen) a lot of changes to the economy.

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She _______ (introduced to the conversation) her problems with her colleagues.

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Do you think they will ever _______ (launch) a new series of Friends?

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The smell of freshly baked bread always ________ (makes me remember) my grandma's cooking.

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We've tried everything but we just can't _____ (persuade him) to our point of view.

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She's such a kind person. She ________ (reveals the best) in everyone.

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They had to _____ (reduce) the selling price of their house because no-one would buy it.

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My new dress didn't fit so I ______ (returned it) to the shop.

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He managed to sell his product to the company. I don't know how he _______ (succeeded).

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He was _______ (raised) in Chicago.

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Exercise 3: Fill in the Blanks


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