Read the text below and then match the phrasal verbs to their meanings in the exercise below.

When we started our online toy shop, the first thing we did was to stock up on as many different types of toys as we could find.  We had to shop around for a good deal and luckily, we found a store that had failed and was selling off its stock.  We asked for a discounted price for the entire stock and the seller rounded the price down  by a few thousand Euros.  We still had to fork out a large amount of money. My business partner didn’t want to pay up and said that the supplier was ripping us off.  Eventually, I bought him out as we couldn’t agree on anything.  I soon had regular customers to whom I gave knocked-down prices.  To be honest, these weren’t really good deals at all.  I simply marked the prices up on the site before I offered any discounts because some customers will cash in on a deal without checking prices first.

Exercise 1: Drag & Drop

Match the phrasal verbs to their meanings.

Note that some of the phrasal verbs in the exercise above can also be used as nouns.


  • The deal offered by the hotel was a total rip-off.
  • They’re offering flights at knocked-down prices.
  • The company had a sell-off to encourage new customers.
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