How to Remember the Difference Between Remember and Remind
Simply put, ‘to remember’ is the opposite of ‘to forget’. ‘To remind’, on the other hand is to make sure that somebody else doesn’t forget something.

Compare the following:

  • RememberRemember to buy milk at the supermarket.

  • RemindPlease remind her to brush her teeth before she goes to bed.

  • RememberI remember climbing trees at school. He remembers those days sadly.

  • RemindMy wife reminded me of the time we went on holiday.

what's the difference between remember and remind

Notes on ‘To Remember’
Students should note that the verb ‘to remember’ can either be followed by the gerund or by the infinitive of a verb. It is important to note that the meaning of the sentence changes completely, as in the following examples:

  1. I remember meeting him at the bar for the first time. I can recall the first time I met him at the bar. Use the gerund after the verb ‘to remember’ when you want to refer to the action as a moment in the past.
  2. I remembered to meet him at the bar for the first time. I didn’t forget to meet him at the bar this time but forgot every other time. Use ‘to + infinitive’ after remember when you want to refer to the need to do something.
  3.  I recall / recollect playing in that field before it became a public garden. ‘Recall’ and ‘Recollect’ are synonyms of ‘Remember’. However, we usually use recall and recollect when we wish to relate a story of the past.

Notes on ‘To Remind’

reminder egg-timer

Remind yourself with an egg-timer!

The verb ‘to remind’ can be followed by ‘of’ or ‘to’. When you say that something or someone reminds you of something, it means that it makes you think of something similar or a memory. When someone reminds you to do something, they make you remember that you need to complete a task.


  •   You remind me of your mother. (You make me think of / remember your mother).
  •   Your new haircut reminds me of Bieber.
  •   He reminded me to complete my tax return.
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