1st Conditional Exercise 1: Multiple Choice

first conditional exercises

Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences.

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If you (not go) away, I will call the police.

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What will happen if she (not pass) the exam?

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If he sells his house, he (travel) around the world.

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If I see him I (tell) him.

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If he (make) any more mistakes, he will lose his job.

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If she (be) late we'll leave without her.

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The children (tired) tomorrow if they don’t go to bed now.

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I (not study) tonight if there is a party in the house.

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If you go to the theatre late, they (not let) you in.

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If she has enough money, she (buy) a new car.

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It will be faster if we (take) the bus.

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If you (not like) this one you can try another one.

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That chair will break if you (sit) on it. It’s broken.

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If she (eat) all that ice-cream she will feel sick.

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Someone (steal) your phone if you leave it on the table.

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Where you (go) if it rains tomorrow?

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He will be very angry, if you (not do) your homework.

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She (say) anything to anybody, I will be very angry.

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If he is tired, he (play) very well.

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I don’t know what I’ll do if (not find) my phone!

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