Get on, get off, get into, get out of

Learn these first phrasal verbs using GET when used with TRANSPORT.

There are 4 main verbs which are used for different types of transport.

GET ON: We get on large vehicles like buses, boats, trains, planes.  But we also get on horses and bicycles!

GET OFF: This is the opposite of the verb to get on.  We get off buses, boats, trains, planes, horses and bicycles!

GET INTO: We get into small vehicles like cars and taxis.

GET OUT OF: This is the opposite of get into.  So we get out of taxis & cars.

BE ON / IN:  Use the verb to be when you want to talk about your position.  The verbs above are used for  movement.  For example: I was on the bus for half an hour before it left the station. / I was in the car with two friends when the policeman knocked on the window.

GO BY: Use go by to mean the method of transport that you use.  For example: I go to work by bike.  He travelled to Germany by train.  Remember the exceptions we say we go by walk or go on foot.  In English you cannot go by foot.

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Get on, get off, get into, get out of

Practise phrasal verbs get on / get off / get into / get out of / by with this quiz.

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I'm always the last person to ________ the bus for school.

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When the plane landed we ____ and went into the airport.

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We went to the airport ___ taxi.

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We like to go across the river _____ boat.

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They waited to ________ the boat.

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Everyone _______ the boat at the same time!

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We were ____ the plane for 10 hours!

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How do you go to work?  I go _____ train.

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It's time to leave now.  Let's _____ the train.

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She never _______ a car with a driver she doesn't know.

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