easy as pie idiom


Meaning of As Easy as Pie – something which is very simple or easy.  Interestingly, the Idiom ‘as easy as pie’, does not refer to making pies bur rather to eating them!  In fact, there are many English idioms which use the word pie to indicate something that is pleasurable or good.  There’s also another version of this idiom which is ‘a piece of pie’.

As Easy as Pie In Context  – I was nervous about the job interview but the questions they asked me were as easy as pie!

Once you learn how to ride a bike it’s as easy as pie!

Synonymous Idioms as easy as the ABC, a piece of cake, a walk in the park, as easy as stealing candy from a baby, a walkover, like shooting fish in a barrel, a cakewalk, nothing to it, a walkover, easy peasy, easy as falling off a log.

Antonymous / Opposite Idioms to Easy as Pie – a hard nut to crack , to be in over your head, devil of a job,  to be in deep water.


This idiom takes the grammatical form of a simile. Similes are used to make simple comparisons between two things. 


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