Listen or download the listening practice podcast and answer the questions.

The High Street Abduction – Episode 1 (8 minutes)

  1. Where was the presenter and his wife when they lost their child?
  2. When did the woman’s child go missing?  When was the child lost?
  3. How old is the child?
  4. (02.05) The mother says, ‘I could not think ___________.’.
  5. (03.10 – 03.10) Find an expression that means, ‘directly in front of me’.
  6. Who was James Bolger?  What happened to him?
  7. How did the mum feel about her daughter running around?
  8. Who has taken the child?
  9. Describe the people who have taken the child.
  10. What is ‘every person’s nightmare’?

Listening Practice- Exercise 2

Episode 2: The High Street Abduction (07.30 minutes)

  1. (0.14) In the first episode, we heard _________ from the ___________ mother of a toddler missing from Primark.
  2. (2.50) What did the police know at this stage of the story?
  3. (03.10 – 03.30) What are the girls wearing?
  4. (04.08) Then just total panic _____ _______ and my blood must have gone completely _______.
  5. (04.40) Child abduction is __________, child abduction by two school girls is _____   ________.
  6. Where did Nick Miller hear about James Bolger?
  7. Why does this case remind everyone of the Bolger one?
  8. How far behind the girls are the police?


Listening Practice- Exercise 3

Episode 3: The High Street Abduction (06.00 minutes)

  1. Write a little summary of the information the police collect in this episode.

Listening Practice- Exercise 4

Episode 4: The High Street Abduction (08.00 minutes)

  1. What does Graham Dodds realise?
  2. When was the last time the girls’ mother saw them?
  3. Where are the girls spotted?
  4. What was the reaction when the child was found?

Listening Practice- Exercise 5

Episode 4: The High Street Abduction (08.00 minutes)

  1. What is different about the toddler when she is returned to her mother?
  2. What do the police find on the teenager’s tablet?
  3. What do the police think the motivation behind the abduction?
  4. What are the girls arrested for?
  5. What do the police think the motive behind the abduction was?

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