When you learn a new word in a text written on the web or in a book, it is not enough to simply try and memorise it.  As you know, the way English words sound and the way they are written are very different.  This is why it is crucial to look up the pronunciation of new words that you learn.   There are many free English Learner’s Dictionaries and apps available but one of my favourites is the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary.  My favourite feature of this site is that it shows you the level of the word you look up in the dictionary.   You can also opt to hear words with either a British English or North American pronunciation.   Next to each word, you will see A1/A2/B1/B2/C1 or C2 which refer to the level of the word according to the European Framework of Reference for Languages.   This is extremely important as it is far more useful to learn the pronunciation of new words at your level than to try and study vocabulary that is too advanced for your level of English.

Forvo is another fantastic tool for students of English.  It is a multi-lingual pronunciation dictionary.  You’ll find a wonderful variety of pronunciation here as anyone can upload a word.  This is a great bonus as you can choose to listen to an alternative accent such as Australian, Irish or Scottish.

If you know any other useful sites to help other students improve their pronunciation, please post them below.



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