Phrasal Verbs for Money

Read the text below and then try and match the phrasal verbs with make to their meaning.

I had wanted to buy a motorbike for ages and I had been setting money aside for months. I’d had to cut back on shopping and spending money at restaurants. Finally, I had enough money and during the Black Friday sales, I picked up a great deal. The price of a new bike was knocked down by 20%. So, I went to the bank to take out some money and then I went to pick up the motorbike. I had forgotten that I would also need insurance and the total cost came to more than I had expected. I asked a friend to lend me some cash and told him that I would pay him back as soon as I could. Unfortunately, my brand, new motorbike only lasted a month. I always parked it on the street in front of my house and one day a car crashed into it. Nobody saw the accident and my motorbike was a complete write off. Now, I’m still trying to pay off the money that I owe but I don’t have a bike!

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