Prepositions at the end of questions exercises

Many verbs are followed by a preposition. We generally talk TO someone ABOUT something. When we ask a question, the preposition will fall at the end of the question. For example: Who were you talking TO? What were you talking ABOUT?

Exercise 1: Complete the Gap
Drag the missing prepositions to complete the gaps in the sentences.

Exercise 2: Complete the Gaps
Write the following prepositions in the gaps: IN, FOR, ABOUT, FROM, TO, AT, WITH. Careful! You will need to use some of the prepositions more than once!
Find the missing preposition to complete the questions.

Verb Followed by Preposition (to vs at)
FOR vs TO Exercise
Prepositions after verbs
Between and Among Exercise
Prepositions after nouns

  Prepositions After VerbsAntonym Prefixes Exercise   


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