prepositions of movement , out of, under, over, towards, past, across, into,

Prepositions of Movement Exercise:

Every morning, I wake up and walk _________ (1) the stairs. I go __________ (2) the kitchen and have breakfast. At 8a.m. I go ________ (3) the house. The street is very busy so I have to be very careful when I go _________ (4) the road to the bus stop. As I walk _____________ (5) my office, I always meet someone that I know. When I get to the office, I walk _______ (6) the stairs to my office on the second floor. At lunchtime, I eat at a nearby restaurant. I like to sit quietly and i sit at the back, so I have to walk __________ (7) the restaurant to find a table.


1. down 2. into 3. out of 4. across 5. to / towards 6. up 7. through

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