Second Conditional Sentences Exercises

Exercise 1: Second Conditional Multiple Choice
Choose the best form of the verb to complete the sentences in the Second Conditional Form

Second Conditional Sentences Exercises

Choose the best answer to complete the gap in the sentences.

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If someone (give) you a sports car would you keep it?

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If you could go anywhere in the world, where you (go)?

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I (have) a better job if I (speak) English.

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He (look) a lot better if he bought some new clothes.

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I would exercise more often if I (have) more time.

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More tourists would go there if it (not rain) every day.

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She wouldn’t do it if (not be) safe.

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I would tell you the answer if I (know) it.

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If they worked more carefully they (not make) so many mistakes.

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If I bought her everything she wanted, I (not have) any money!

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What we (do) if there was a fire in the building?

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I wouldn't drink that milk if I (be) you.

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If you (play) more table tennis, you wouldn't lose so often.

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If I (know) her telephone number I'd give it to you.

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If I had a computer, I (write) the email myself.

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If I (win) the lottery I'd buy a sailing boat.

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If I had a horse, I (ride) it every day.

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I would be very scared if I (find) a burglar in my my house.

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What you (do) if you (find) a wallet with a 100 dollars?

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If I told you I loved you, you (marry) me?

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Exercise 2: Second Conditional Complete the Gaps
Fill the gaps in the sentences with the correct form of the verb

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