Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns Exercise

5 Created on April 24, 2021 Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns 1 / 24 They painted the house all by ______. them themselves 2 / 24 I didn't need to introduce her. She introduced ________ to everyone at the party. herself himself 3 / 24 We didn't make the food _______. We ordered it from a takeaway. ourselves us 4 ... Read More

100 Irregular Verbs in the Past: B1 Intermediate

The exercises and table below have the 100 most common verbs in the past which you really need to learn at a B1 or Intermediate level of English. One easy way to improve your English is to really learn the Irregular verb forms in the Past Simple and the Past Perfect. To do this, you need to memorise the most … Read More

Phrasal Verbs for Money

Read the text below and then try and match the phrasal verbs with make to their meaning. I had wanted to buy a motorbike for ages and I had been setting money aside for months. I’d had to cut back on shopping and spending money at restaurants. Finally, I had enough money and during the Black Friday sales, I picked … Read More

Phrasal Verb Make Exercises

Exercise 1: Drag and Drop Match the phrasal verbs to their meaning Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Multiple Choice Exercise 4: Multiple Choice Exercise 5: Fill in the Blanks Complete the gaps in the sentences using make as a phrasal verb PHRASAL VERBS EXERCISES

Grammar Test: B1 Intermediate

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Grammar Test: Conditional Sentences

12 Created on January 30, 2021 Grammar Test: Conditional Sentences Test your knowledge of Conditional Sentences with this quiz.Multiple-choice questions. 1 / 38 Complete the sentence. The burglars would have escaped, if their car _________. wouldn't have broken down. hadn't broken down 2 / 38 Complete the sentence. If we ______ the next match, I will be very happy. will ... Read More

Irregular Past Perfect

48 Created on December 04, 2020 Irregular Past Perfect Multiple-choice exercise to practise IRREGULAR PAST PARTICIPLES in Past Perfect sentences. 1 / 36 When we woke up, we saw that a tree ______ down in the storm. had falled had fallen 2 / 36 Do you still have the book that I ______ (lend) you ages ago? had lent had lend 3 ... Read More

FOR vs TO Exercise

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Verbs of the Senses + like / as if

242 Created on December 01, 2020 Verbs of the Senses + like / as if Multiple-choice exerciseComplete the sentences with LOOK, SOUND, TASTE, FEEL, SMELL + LIKE or AS IF 1 / 41 Is this sentence right or wrong? It looked as she was really upset about something. Right Wrong 2 / 41 How do I look in this outfit? ... Read More

Enough vs Too Much & Too Many

251 Created on November 29, 2020 Enough vs Too Much & Too Many Multiple-choice exercise to practise the difference between ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH, TOO MUCH & TOO MANY 1 / 40 She's _____ to do anything she wants. clever enough too much clever 2 / 40 I ate _____ chocolates. I feel sick now. too much too many 3 / 40 ... Read More