20 JOB FLASHCARDS TO BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY IN ENGLISH. Learn the following words: dentist, doctor, firefighter, builder, nurse, photographer, soldier, criminal, thief, taxi driver, chef, painter, artist, gardener, delivery person, singer, life guard, thief, hair stylist, barber, hairdresser, detective.  

Present Perfect Exercise A1

Exercise 1 Exercise to practise regular and common irregular verbs and Past Participles in the Present Perfect Tense.  Mixed questions with questions, positive & negative sentences and multiple choice answers.     Exercise 2 Present Perfect Flashcard & Fill in the blank Exercise. Practice the long form of common verbs in the Present Perfect Tense with this exercise. Example: She … Read More

At / On / In For Time Exercises

Prepositions of Time / 4 Exercises / A1 – A2 Level Prepositions of Time AT / ON / IN worksheet pdf Exercise 1 Do you know the rules?  Test yourself with this quiz! Exercise 2:  Multiple-choice exercise.  Choose in, on or at to complete these time phrases. Exercise 3:  Gap-fill multiple choice exercise.  Choose in, on or at to complete … Read More

Present Simple or Continuous Exercises

3 Exercises at B1 Intermediate / A2 Elementary / A1 Beginner Levels Exercise 1: Multiple Choice Present Simple or Continuous. B1 Intermedate Level Exercise 2: Multiple Choice.  10 questions and answers.  A1 Beginner / A2  Elementary Level  Choose the correct answer to complete the gaps in the sentences. Exercise 3: Fill in the Blank .  10 questions and answers. A1 … Read More

Helping Verbs To Be / To Do 2

Fill in the Blank Exercise. 10 questions and answers. Beginner / A1 Level. Complete this exercise with the helping verbs to be and to do Instructions: Drag the word to complete the blanks Exercise Practice: am / is / are and the verb to be.