Present vs Past: Simple, Continuous or Perfect

This is a multiple-choice exercise to practise the following verb forms: Present Simple, Present Continuous, Present Perfect, Past Simple, Past Continuous & Past Perfect.   Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Exercise English Test: Verb Tenses Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise B1 Click here for B1 Intermediate Exercises Time Expressions Present Perfect & Past Simple

Short Forms Present Continuous

PRESENT CONTINUOUS GRAMMAR – (FORM & USE)  EXERCISE PRACTICE: Question Form with the Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Answering Questions in Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Tense Recognition of the Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Present Simple or Continuous?


ENGLISH VERBS THAT CANNOT BE USED IN THE CONTINUOUS OR PROGRESSIVE FORM Verbs of Emotion:  love, hate, prefer, mind, like, dislike, please, surprise, astonish, impress Verbs of Possession: have, own, want, belong, need, possess, own, owe, include, involve Verbs used for the Senses:  see, hear, smell, seem, sound, taste, look (=seem), appear, be Verbs of Thought: know, believe, remember, agree, … Read More