Verb To Be – Contracted Forms Exercise

Gap Fill Exercise.  13 Questions and Answers. A1 / A2 Level Contracted Forms of the verb to be.    More exercises to practise am / is / are and the verb to be.

Prepositions of Time Exercises

Prepositions of Time Exercises using Since, For, Ago, From…to, Till 4 Exercises. Level A1/A2  Do you know the rules for Since / For & Ago? Exercise 1: Drag the answers to complete the grammar rule. Exercise 2: Multiple Choice. Choose the answer to complete the blank in the sentence. Exercise 3: Check the grammar rules of From…to / for / … Read More


Prepositions of Time SINCE  + time / point in the past (yesterday, last year) FOR  + period of time (2 hours/3 days/1 year) UNTIL up to a point in time TILL Less formal way of saying until FROM….TO Use from for the start time and to for the finish time  Since Since is typically used with perfect tenses.  Use since … Read More


ALL  (OF) = the whole or complete group EVERY = each item / object / person in the group  Note that ALL is used with plural nouns while EVERY and EACH are used with singular nouns. ALL or EVERY? Compare the following example sentences: All my friends love pizza. / Every friend I have loves pizza. All dogs love meat. … Read More