Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate

5 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate Test your comparatives and superlatives in English with this exercise. 1 / 54 The students in the class are all bad. But Julio is ________ (bad). the baddest the worst worser 2 / 54 Have you lost some weight? You look _______ (thin). more thin thinner thinnest 3 ... Read More

Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2

1 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2 Test your comparatives in English with this quiz!Beginner / Elementary Level 1 / 11 I think swimming is ________ (easy) football. more easy than easy than easier than 2 / 11 We're late. Can we go a little __________ (fast)? fastest more fast faster 3 / 11 He is ______ ... Read More

At the end / In the end exercise

The phrases AT THE END and IN THE END are very similar in English. Use at the end for time phrases and location.  For example: At the end of the year, the workers get a Christmas bonus. 2.We did some English exercises at the end of the lesson.  3. At the end of the show, the actors left the stage. 4. The … Read More

Am, Is or Are Exercise

Multiple-choice Exercise.  22 questions and answers. Beginner / A1 Level. Complete this exercise  with the correct form of the verb ‘to be’ in the Present Simple Tense. More Practice Exercises with AM / IS / ARE

Verb To Be – Contracted Forms Exercise

Gap Fill Exercise.  13 Questions and Answers. A1 / A2 Level Contracted Forms of the verb to be.    More exercises to practise am / is / are and the verb to be.