Able to Exercise

Choose the correct form of the verb TO BE ABLE TO and complete the gaps in the sentences. Be careful!  You need to select between present, present perfect, past and future forms.  Remember that able is followed by to in this structure. Exercise Level: B1 / Intermediate

Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate

5 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate Test your comparatives and superlatives in English with this exercise. 1 / 54 He is _______ person I know. the most interesting most interesting the interingest 2 / 54 Happiness is _______ (important) thing. the most important most important the importantest 3 / 54 I was more stressed ... Read More

Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2

1 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2 Test your comparatives in English with this quiz!Beginner / Elementary Level 1 / 11 We don't need to leave yet. We can stay here a little ________ (long). longer more long most long 2 / 11 My brother is a bit ________ (older) me. more older older than old than ... Read More


20 JOB FLASHCARDS TO BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY IN ENGLISH. Learn the following words: dentist, doctor, firefighter, builder, nurse, photographer, soldier, criminal, thief, taxi driver, chef, painter, artist, gardener, delivery person, singer, life guard, thief, hair stylist, barber, hairdresser, detective.  

Speak, Ask, Say, Tell, Reply

Vocabulary exercise to practise use of speak, ask, say, tell and reply. 15 questions and answers.  Multiple Choice Exercise to complete the gap in the sentence   Practice Exercise with Say & Tell Difference between Say & Tell explained.

Make or Do Elementary Exercises

Practise the difference between MAKE & DO with this interactive multiple-choice exercise. More exercises with MAKE & DO Take, Make or Do Multiple-Choice Exercise LEARN Word Collocation: MAKE Difference between MAKE & DO + exercise Keep going!  Click here to learn common expressions with take

Some Any Restaurant Dialogue Exercise

Dialogue exercises to practise SOME & ANY in a conversation at a restaurant. Exercise 1: USE some SOME / ANY / A to fill in the blanks in the sentences. Exercise 2  COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS grammar COUNTABLE & UNCOUNTABLE EXERCISES MUCH & MANY grammar MUCH & MANY Exercises

What Time is it? Exercise

/10 2 What time is it? Exercise to practise telling the time in English.  Multiple choice quiz.  Select the correct answer to the question. 1 / 10 What time is it? It's twenty before six It's twenty past six o'clock. It's twenty past six. 2 / 10 What time is it? It's ten minutes past two. It's ten minutes to ... Read More