As, When, Whenever Linking Words

Use AS: when 2 things happen at the same time.  Example: As I was leaving the house, my phone rang. AS can also mean the same as because.  Example:  I was hungry as I hadn’t eaten anything all day. Additional meanings of the word AS Use WHEN: to talk about the time when something happened in the past or will happen in the future.  Example: When … Read More

Stative vs Dynamic Verbs Exercise

Stative vs Dynamic Verbs Exercise Multiple Choice ExerciseChoose the Stative or Dynamic form of the verb to complete the sentences. 1 / 30 I love your mum's cooking. It _____ (taste) really good. tastes is tasting 2 / 30 She never _____ (do) any exercise. She is very unfit. is doing does 3 / 30 Who____ this phone _____ (belong) ... Read More

Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns Exercise

0 votes, 0 avg Created on April 24, 2021 Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns 1 / 24 Try and understand how he feels and put ______ in his position. you yourself 2 / 24 She feels ______ very sick today. herself no pronoun 3 / 24 What does a selfie mean? It's means taking a photo of ______. you yourself ... Read More

Phrasal Verbs for Banking


Exercise 1 Match the phrasal verb to its meaning Exercise 2 Complete the gap with one of the phrasal verbs above Exercise 3 Multiple-choice

Phrasal Verbs for Money

Read the text below and then try and match the phrasal verbs with make to their meaning. I had wanted to buy a motorbike for ages and I had been setting money aside for months. I’d had to cut back on shopping and spending money at restaurants. Finally, I had enough money and during the Black Friday sales, I picked … Read More

Phrasal Verb Make Exercises

Exercise 1: Drag and Drop Match the phrasal verbs to their meaning Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Multiple Choice Exercise 4: Multiple Choice Exercise 5: Fill in the Blanks Complete the gaps in the sentences using make as a phrasal verb PHRASAL VERBS EXERCISES

Get as a Phrasal Verb Exercises

GET ON Meaning 1: to become old. Example: My parents are getting on and can’t do the housework themselves anymore. Meaning 2: to have a good relationship. Example: He doesn’t get on with the other students in class. Nobody likes him. The phrasal verb get along with can also be used to mean to have a good relationship. Example: He … Read More

BRING as a Phrasal Verb Exercise

Exercise 1: Match the Meaning Drag and drop the phrasal verb and match it to its meaning. Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Fill in the Blanks PHRASAL VERBS