Present Simple or Continuous Exercise 2

Multiple-choice mixed forms exercise.  20 questions and answers. Beginner Level. Practice using the Present Simple & Continuous in positive, negative and question form.  

Present Simple or Continuous Exercises

3 Exercises at B1 Intermediate / A2 Elementary / A1 Beginner Levels Exercise 1: Multiple Choice Present Simple or Continuous. B1 Intermedate Level Exercise 2: Multiple Choice.  10 questions and answers.  A1 Beginner / A2  Elementary Level  Choose the correct answer to complete the gaps in the sentences. Exercise 3: Fill in the Blank .  10 questions and answers. A1 … Read More

Who, Why, What, When, Where

EXERCISES TO PRACTISE WH QUESTION WORDS 3 Complete the Gap Exercises / A1 Elementary Instructions: Drag the corrrect question word into the boxes below. Practice using question words with the verb to be. Exercise 1 Exercise 2 Exercise 3   Exercises Practice: am / is / are and the verb to be.

He Goes or He Go?

Multiple-Choice Exercise to practise agreement in the Present Simple Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentences in the exercise below.

Question Form Present Simple – Ex. 1

Question Form: Present Simple Helping Verb (Auxiliary) Person (Subject)  Base of the Verb Do you go to school every day? Does she drive a car? Do they have a dog? Does that man work here? Does he know my name?