Get a life! Expressions with GET

COMMON EXPRESSIONS WITH GET GET A LIFE – Meaning: go and start doing something interesting Example sentence:  She just sits around the house all day.  She really needs to get a life. GET A MOVE ON – Meaning: Hurry up! or get going Example sentence:  Come on!  Let’s get a move on!  We’re going to be late. GET LOST –  … Read More

GET: common expressions

When to use GET (Elementary / A2 Level of English) Get + adjective (meaning to become) Example sentences: It’s getting dark. We have to go home now. Are you still sick? No, I’m getting better. It’s getting late. It’s already 11p.m. The children are getting tired. It’s past their bedtime. She’s getting married next year. She wants to get pregnant. … Read More


There are many idioms which can be used to express the meaning of being happy or happiness. Here are just a few: to make your day to be floating / walking on air to be thrilled to bits / pieces to be on top of the world to be on cloud nine to be over the moon to be in … Read More


  IDIOM: RUN-OF-THE-MILL – this idiom is used to mean that something is very ordinary, normal or common-place. Example: I wasn’t very impressed by their wedding.  The whole celebration was very run-of-the-mill.  I doubt I will remember it at all in a few years. If you are using run–of–the–mill in your writing, be sure to remember to punctuate it properly! … Read More


  TRUMP UP – PHRASAL VERB to trump up – to invent something bad to cause problems for someone else / to lie or create a falsehood. Example: (1). In some communist countries, innocent people are put into prison on trumped up charges. (2). He trumped up an excuse so that we wouldn’t have to go to the party. CLICK … Read More