If vs When Exercises

Choose WHEN or IF to complete the gap in the exercises below.  Be careful!  Some of the sentences can take both IF and WHEN. Exercise 1: Multiple Choice   Exercise 2: Multiple Choice In this exercise, choose the answer that has the SAME meaning as the one provided in the example. IF SENTENCES – 1ST CONDITIONAL EXERCISES

Since, For or Ago exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to Practise the difference between since, for & ago. Level B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Present Perfect or Past Simple: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False  Present Perfect or Past Simple : Multiple Choice Exercise Mixed Time Words Present Perfect & Past Simple: Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect or Past Simple … Read More


VOCABULARY FOR CLOTHES VERBS for Clothes: to take a (small/medium/large) size to try on something in a shop to put on your clothes / to get dressed to take off your clothes / to get undressed ADJECTIVES TO DESCRIBE CLOTHES DIALOGUE IN A SHOP Customer: Good morning, I’m looking for a new dress. Sales Assistant: What kind of style are … Read More


Most English students have already heard of Grammar In Use.  It is, to my knowledge, the best self-study English grammar book out there.  The first edition of Grammar in Use was printed in the 1980’s.   Modified and improved over subsequent editions, Grammar in Use is simply an essential tool for any English student wishing to improve their grammar. Grammar in … Read More