Present Perfect Exercise A1

Exercise 1 Exercise to practise regular and common irregular verbs and Past Participles in the Present Perfect Tense.  Mixed questions with questions, positive & negative sentences and multiple choice answers.     Exercise 2 Present Perfect Flashcard & Fill in the blank Exercise. Practice the long form of common verbs in the Present Perfect Tense with this exercise. Example: She … Read More

Isn’t or Aren’t Exercise

Multiple-choice  Exercise.  15 questions and answers. Beginner / A1  Change these sentences from the long negative form to the short negative form with the verb to be. Example sentence: She is not happy. Example answer: She isn’t happy.


FORM Regular Form: Verb ‘to be’ (am/is/are) + Base of Verb + ING (Present Participle).  Examples of the Present Participle: work + ING = work, talk + ING = talking Negative Form: Use verb ‘to be’ (am/is/are) + NOT + Present Participle.  Example: He is not working.  / She is not listening. Question Form (Regular & Irregular Verbs): Verb ‘to … Read More