Prepositions of Movement (Pictures Exercise)

There are 20 questions and answers in this quiz to practise prepositions of movement.  You will need to complete the blanks with the following prepositions: up, down, across, along, through, towards, over, into, out of, More prepositions exercises at A2 / Elementary English level For the grammar rules on prepositions of movement, motion and direction, click here. Prepositions of Place … Read More

Time Prepositions

Learn Time Prepositions and Phrases In Common Expressions (at/on/in/every/next) Multiple Choice Exercise Prepositions of Time Exercises Prepositions After Verbs Prepositions at the end of questions exercises Prepositions After Adjectives Prepositions of Movement Quiz Prepositions of Time, Place & Motion Exercises More B2 or Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Prepositions of Place Flashcards

Prepositions of Place Memory Cards In these cards you will find pictures and questions to help you learn the following place prepositions: ON / IN / UNDER / BY / NEAR / BESIDE / ABOVE / BELOW / THROUGH / BETWEEN Learn Prepositions of Place Learn Prepositions of Movement Prepositions of Movement Exercise

At, On, In for Time Quiz

/10 287 Created on May 03, 2020 AT, ON or IN? TEST YOUR PREPOSITIONS OF TIME WITH THIS EXERCISE.  1 / 10 We have a lunch break ____ midday. at on in 2 / 10 The school meeting is ______ the 9th of October. at on in 3 / 10 I was born ___ 11 o'clock ____ the 1st April. ... Read More


  What’s the difference between in front of and opposite? Distance. Opposite is further away (i.e. across the table) while in front of is very close. What’s the difference between under and underneath? No difference in meaning. We say under more often than underneath because it’s shorter! What’s the difference between next to and beside? No difference :). Next to … Read More


Online EXERCISES with in, on, at for time / Worksheet PDF WHEN TO USE AT FOR TIME Examples: I went to the doctor at 8 o’clock this morning. The shops open at 9 a.m. I go to bed at midnight. Although we use AT for an exact or precise time, some phrases do not follow the rule so we also … Read More