Get as a Phrasal Verb Exercises

GET ON Meaning 1: to become old. Example: My parents are getting on and can’t do the housework themselves anymore. Meaning 2: to have a good relationship. Example: He doesn’t get on with the other students in class. Nobody likes him. The phrasal verb get along with can also be used to mean to have a good relationship. Example: He … Read More

BRING as a Phrasal Verb Exercise

Exercise 1: Match the Meaning Drag and drop the phrasal verb and match it to its meaning. Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Fill in the Blanks PHRASAL VERBS

Go Phrasal Verb Exercise

To learn more about how to use Go as a phrasal or multi-word verb, click here. Use the phrasal verbs below to complete the 2 multiple choice exercises on this page. go back = return to go on = continue go up = increase go down = decrease go out with = to date go off = to dislike go … Read More


to dress up – means to wear a costume or fancy dress (special clothes for an event such as carnival).   This phrasal verb dress up is followed by AS or IN. Examples:  What are you going to wear for Carnival?   I’m going to dress up as Spiderman. I’m going to dress up in a Spiderman costume. Another verb with … Read More


to look after someone or something – to take care of / to be responsible for.  I’m looking after my sister’s children while she’s on holiday. to look up to someone – to admire / to respect.  She thinks the world of her older brother.  She really looks up to him. to look around – to try to find something … Read More


Use Phrasal Verbs such as TAKE as much as possible. Native English speakers typically use plenty of Phrasal Verbs in everyday conversational English.  This is just a short list of Phrasal Verbs with TAKE – there are many more. PHRASAL VERB TAKE to take up – to start learning or doing something new.  She took up dancing when she was just 3 … Read More


Meaning (1) – The literal meaning of the verb to switch on or off means to start or stop just about anything that uses electricity or needs some other form of power to be used.  So, you can switch on the lights, switch on an engine, switch off the T.V. In Context  (1) –  Can you switch on the heater?  … Read More