Phrasal Verbs with Put & Give

Exercise 1: Fill in the Blank Complete the phrasal verbs with put and take Exercise 2: Fill in the Blank Complete the phrasal verbs with put and take

Phrasal Verbs with ACROSS

If you are approaching learning phrasal verbs by the particle, the category with across is fortunately quite small. There are 2 main meanings to phrasal verbs with across.  The first is similar to a preposition of movement with an action verb + across to mean to get from one side to another (as in on a road for example).  The … Read More


Phrasal verbs can be hard to learn for many different reasons.  But perhaps, the first thing to understand is that there are thousands of them.  This is why you should never attempt or even consider trying to learn all of them! Different Meanings The problem with phrasal verbs lies in the fact that the combination of the words used in … Read More

100 most common phrasal verbs

100 MOST USEFUL PHRASAL VERBS This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the 100 Most Common and useful phrasal verbs in English. Can you understand these common phrasal verbs? Choose the verb that has the same or synonymous meaning to the verb in bold in the sentence. Exercise 1: Multiple Choice Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Complete … Read More


Some phrasal verbs with back can be grouped together.  Look at the following: bring back / take back / put back go back / head back / drive back pay back / win back All the phrasal verbs above have a similar meaning.   Can you guess what it is? Answer: RETURN   Check out the examples in context below: Bring … Read More


Try to use Phrasal Verbs such as GO as much as possible. Native English speakers typically use plenty of Phrasal Verbs. This is especially true in speaking and conversation. This is just a short list of Phrasal Verbs with GO – there are many more. to go on  Meaning 1 – to continue. Example: He never seems to get to … Read More