At, On, In for Time Quiz

/10 273 Created on May 03, 2020 AT, ON or IN? TEST YOUR PREPOSITIONS OF TIME WITH THIS EXERCISE.  1 / 10 We have a lunch break ____ midday. in at on 2 / 10 The sea is always calm ___ sunset. on at in 3 / 10 I always drink a coffee ___ the morning. in at on 4 ... Read More

Since, For or Ago exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to Practise the difference between since, for & ago. Level B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Present Perfect or Past Simple: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False  Present Perfect or Past Simple : Multiple Choice Exercise Mixed Time Words Present Perfect & Past Simple: Multiple Choice Exercise Present Perfect or Past Simple … Read More


Prepositions of Time SINCE  + time / point in the past (yesterday, last year) FOR  + period of time (2 hours/3 days/1 year) UNTIL up to a point in time TILL Less formal way of saying until FROM….TO Use from for the start time and to for the finish time  Since Since is typically used with perfect tenses.  Use since … Read More


Online EXERCISES with in, on, at for time / Worksheet PDF WHEN TO USE AT FOR TIME Examples: I went to the doctor at 8 o’clock this morning. The shops open at 9 a.m. I go to bed at midnight. Although we use AT for an exact or precise time, some phrases do not follow the rule so we also … Read More