English Test: Verb Tenses

Test your VERB TENSES in English with this quiz. Review the active form of the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous tenses verb tenses in the present, past and future.   More B2 or Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Short Forms Present Continuous

PRESENT CONTINUOUS GRAMMAR – (FORM & USE)  EXERCISE PRACTICE: Question Form with the Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Answering Questions in Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Tense Recognition of the Present Continuous EXERCISE PRACTICE: Present Simple or Continuous?


ACTIVE TENSES SIMPLE CONTINUOUS PERFECT PERFECT CONTINUOUS PRESENT work / works am / is / are working have / has worked have / has been working NEGATIVE FORM do not work / does not work am / is / are not working have / has not worked have / has not been working QUESTION FORM Do you work / Does ... Read More