English Test: Verb Tenses

Test your VERB TENSES in English with this quiz. Review the active form of the simple, continuous, perfect and perfect continuous tenses verb tenses in the present, past and future.   More B2 or Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Remember, Forget, Stop, Try: Gerund vs Infinitive Exercise

The verbs remember, forget, stop & try are the most common verbs which change their meaning in the gerund (-ing form) and the infinitive (to form of the verb). Compare the following sentences: REMEMBER  to remember to do something is to not forget something that needs to be done to remember doing something is to have a memory of something … Read More

Most of vs Most Exercise

What’s the difference between MOST OF and MOST? Use MOST OF THE to talk about a specific group.  Example sentence: Most of the children in my class are French. USE MOST to make a generalisation or to talk about the majority.  Example sentence: Most children like ice-cream. More B2 or Upper Intermediate Grammar Exercises

Dramatic vs Tragic

When Should We Use Dramatic and When Should We Use Tragic? The words dramatic and tragic are very different in English but are often confused by learners (particularly those who speak Dutch).  Both words come from Latin & the world of theatre (i.e. tragic drama). Dramatic Meaning:  1. exciting, impressive, surprising.    2. sudden.  Dramatic is the adjective of the noun drama which means a … Read More


Phrasal verbs can be hard to learn for many different reasons.  But perhaps, the first thing to understand is that there are thousands of them.  This is why you should never attempt or even consider trying to learn all of them! Different Meanings The problem with phrasal verbs lies in the fact that the combination of the words used in … Read More

Phrasal Verbs with DOWN

Most Common Phrasal Verbs with DOWN On this page, you will learn how to use the verbs; break, cut, let, put, settle, slow, turn and write with the preposition DOWN. Meaning & Examples of Phrasal Verbs with DOWN To break down means to stop working or functioning.  Example sentence: The car broke down yesterday. To cut down means to use … Read More

100 most common phrasal verbs

100 MOST USEFUL PHRASAL VERBS This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the 100 Most Common and useful phrasal verbs in English. Can you understand these common phrasal verbs? Choose the verb that has the same or synonymous meaning to the verb in bold in the sentence.

Get a life! Expressions with GET

COMMON EXPRESSIONS WITH GET GET A LIFE – Meaning: go and start doing something interesting Example sentence:  She just sits around the house all day.  She really needs to get a life. GET A MOVE ON – Meaning: Hurry up! or get going Example sentence:  Come on!  Let’s get a move on!  We’re going to be late. GET LOST –  … Read More