Third Conditional Exercises

Third Conditional Exercises

Choose the best form of the verb to complete the gaps in the sentences.

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She wouldn’t have told him if she (know) it was a secret.

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We wouldn’t have got lost, if we (use) a map!

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I (go) to visit you, if I had known you were in hospital.

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The soup (be) better if you had put more salt in it.

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You would have passed the exam if you (work) harder.

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He (not get) into trouble if he had listened to his teacher’s instructions.

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I wouldn’t have gone with him if I (know) what a bad driver he is.

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If it (rain), they would have finished the match.

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You (save) me a lot of trouble if you had told me where you were going.

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If I (study) more when I was younger, I (go) to university.

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They would have stolen all the money if I (not call) for help.

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He (come) to the party if he had been invited.

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She (stop) the car and said hello if she had seen you.

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I (believe) it if I hadn’t seen it myself.

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If I (know) that you were coming I'd have baked a cake.

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If you (arrive) 10 minutes earlier, you (not miss) the bus.

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They (understand) you if you had spoken more slowly.

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She (come) this evening if she didn’t have to get up early tomorrow.

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I (take) a taxi if I had realized that it was such a long way.

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She (not be) so angry, if she had known the whole story.

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