Verb Followed by Preposition (to vs at)

Read the explanation and complete the EXERCISE below.

In this exercise, there are some common verbs which are generally followed by at, to or no preposition.

Verbs Followed By TO
Verb TO
speak / talk to someone about something
apologise to someone for something
reply to someone
 write to someone
Verbs Followed By NO Preposition
Verb No Preposition
answer someone / an email
ask someone something
thank someone for something
phone / call someone about/for something
describe something
explain something to someone
Verbs Followed By AT
Verb AT
look at something/someone
take/have a look at something/someone
stare at something/someone
glance at something/someone
laugh at something/someone
aim at something/someone
point at something/someone
shoot / fire at something/someone

Verbs Followed By AT or TO (change in meaning)

  • His father got angry and shouted at him. (Meaning: he was angry.)
  • He shouted hello to me from the other side of the street.  (Meaning: he wanted me to hear him.)
  • She throw a ball at me. (Meaning: she tried to hit me with a ball.)
  • She threw a ball to me.  (Meaning: she wanted me to catch the ball.)
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Verb + Preposition Exercise (to vs at or no preposition)

Choose the best preposition to complete the gaps in the sentences.

Some answers do not take a preposition.


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She ______ him ______ helping her.

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I phoned _____ to tell him about the meeting.

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I sent him a message but he hasn't replied _____ me.

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I emailed ____ her but she didn't answer ____ me.

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I called ____ the airline to check if the flight was on time.

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The teacher told me not to speak _______ in class.

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He apologised _____ the teacher _____ not doing his homework.

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What are you laughing ____?

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The magician threw chocolates ____ the children at the party.

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The policeman asked her to describe __________.

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Don't point ___ me! It's very rude.

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Please don't throw stones _____ the pigeons.

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Stop fighting and listen _______ .

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They threw eggs ____ the politician.

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I shouted ____ her from across the street but she didn't hear me.

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Can you please answer _____ my email?

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She sent the email ______ him but he hasn't answered yet.

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I don't understand. Can you explain _________?

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Why is that woman staring ____ me?

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If you have any questions, just ask _____ ?

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Please stay calm at stop shouting ___ me!

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