Grammar Test A2


Prepositions Exercises

Between and Among (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Prepositions of Movement (Multiple-Choice Picture Exercise)
Get on, get off, get into, get out of (Multiple-Choice Picture Exercise)
Prepositions of Time, Place & Motion Exercises (Drag & Drop Gap-Fill Exercise)
At / On / In For Time Exercises (3 Multiple-Choice Exercises)
At, On, In for Time Quiz (Multiple-Choice Picture Exercise)
Until, Since, For Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Until, From…to, For Rules Exercise (Drag & Drop Exercise)
Prepositions of Place (Picture Flashcards Exercise)
Until, Since, For, Ago, From, To (4 Various Exercises)

Tenses Exercises

Recognise Present Continuous Tense
Short Answers to Present Continuous Questions 1 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Questions in the Past Simple: Irregular Verbs (Drag & Drop Exercise)
Questions in the Past Simple Regular Verbs (Drag & Drop Exercise)
Review Question Words with Simple Past Questions (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Negative Simple Past Exercise 1 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Irregular Simple Past Exercise 2 (Write the Past Participle Exercise)
Irregular Simple Past Exercise 3 (Write the Past Participle Exercise)
Irregular Past Simple Exercise 4 (Sentence Gap-Fill Exercise)
Irregular Past Simple Exercise 5 (Sentence Gap-Fill Exercise)
Time Words Present Perfect & Simple Past Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercises
Short Answers to Present Continuous Question 2 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Present Simple or Continuous Exercises (3 Various Exercises)
Verb To Be – Contracted Forms Exercise (Complete the Gap)
Present Simple Negative Form Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Question Form Present Simple (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Present Perfect Exercise: Regular & Irregular verbs (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Active vs Passive: Present & Past Simple Exercises (Multiple-Choice Exercise)

Modals Exercises

Must vs Have to Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Can, Could, Would to Offer, Suggest & Request (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
If vs When Exercises (Multiple-Choice Exercise)

Quantifiers Exercises

Some Any Restaurant Dialogue Exercise (Drag & Drop Exercise)
Some Any Grammar Rules Exercise (Drag & Drop Exercise)
Much, Many, A Lot of Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Countable or Uncountable Nouns Exercise 1 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Recognise Countable & Uncountable Nouns (Drag & Drop Exercise) 
Countable and Uncountable Nouns Exercise 2 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)

Adjectives & Adverbs Exercises

Superlatives Exercise A2 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Comparatives Exercise A2 (Multiple-Choice Exercise)

Articles, Pronouns & Determiners

So vs Such Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)

So, Very or Too (Multiple-Choice Exercise)


Say or Tell Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Take, Make or Do Exercise (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Make vs Do Exercises (Multiple-Choice Exercise)
Teach or Learn? (Multiple-Choice Exercise)


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