Mini-Group Course in Teacher’s Home

Mini-Group courses are your teacher’s favourite! Learning English in a little group of 4 students provides learners with the opportunity to make friends and socialise in a multi-cultural context both inside and outside the classroom. The Mini-Group Course consists of 20 English lessons per week, a shared room and accommodation in your teacher’s home on half board basis. Lessons are held in the morning from 9a.m. to 12.30p.m. Students who take this course must have a similar level of English. When you request to book the course, your teacher will send you a test to check your level in open groups. This course can also be booked by little groups of colleagues or friends. We have open Mini-Group Courses in the months of July, August and September.

The focus of the Mini-Group Course is to improve students’ speaking and communication skills in English. A variety of methods and techniques are used which ensure that students spend the majority of their time in class speaking. The methodology used includes role-play, picture prompts, games and pronunciation practice activities.  Click here to book your course.

Family Homestay Course

Every family is unique and each course offered for families is designed around the ages of the children and family members. If the level of English is the same or similar then lessons are held together. If the level of English is different, the class time is divided. For example, your teacher will have the first 2 lessons with the parents and the second 2 lessons with the children. In the meantime, the students who are not with the teacher are assigned a range of work which includes grammar, listening, reading and vocabulary building exercises.

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