One-to-One Homestay Course

This course offers students the opportunity to live and learn and learning English in the home of their teacher. By it’s nature, the course is very intensive. The standard course structure provides 20 One-to-One English lessons, a Single Room and accommodation on half-board basis. However, the course is flexible and students may also opt to take more or less lessons, depending on their requirements. This course is very popular with students who would like to combine a short break in Malta with studying English or with working from home. Lessons are held in the morning from 9a.m. to 12.30p.m. with more lessons in the afternoon for those students who opt for a more intensive course. Meals are held with the teacher and her family following lessons.

The One-to-One lessons are structured entirely around the student’s personal needs and objectives. Prior to arrival, the student is sent a little test and needs assessment. On arrival, a more detailed test is given, to assess the student’s proficiency across the four skills of speaking a language (speaking, listening, reading and writing). The results of these tests are then used to create a course which is purpose-designed for each individual student. Students can expect to make significant improvement in their speaking, pronunciation, vocabulary and overall use of English.  Click here to book your One-to-One Homestay Course.


Two-to-One Homestay Course

The Two-to-One Course is designed for colleagues, couples or friends. Students who opt for this course should have a similar level of English. This course provides 20 lessons, accommodation in the teacher’s home on half board basis in a shared room. Like all the private courses, this course is structured around the needs of the students in the class. Having just 2 students in the lessons offers an ideal environment to practice and improve students’ speaking and conversation skills.

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