English Mini-Group (lessons only)


This English Immersion Mini-Group Course includes 20 English lessons (15 hours) a week.  The course package also provides a shared room in your teacher’s home on a half board basis. Living and learning English in your teacher’s home, offers students a unique opportunity to make great progress quickly.  The Home Tuition setting provides an environment in which you engage with your teacher and her family throughout the day. Kindly note that if there are only 2 students in the course, the lessons are reduced to 15 lessons per week (each lesson is 45 minutes).



The Mini-Group English Course consists of 20 lessons in small classes with a maximum of 4 students.  The course is ideal for students who would like to benefit from personal attention as well as the benefits of having plenty of opportunity to practise speaking.  Classes are held in the teacher’s home.  When the weather allows, classes are held in the garden – a relaxed environment in which you can practise and perfect your speaking skills in English.  Lessons are designed to address any problem areas while simultaneously expanding students’ knowledge of the English language and how the English language works.  One aim of the course is to provide students with the necessary skills to continue their English language journey both outside the classroom and following their stay on the island.

Prior to being accepted on this course, students must take an English test to assess their level.