Private English Lessons

380.00 150.00

10 Private / One-to-One lessons of 45 minutes (course = 7.5 hours).  Lessons can be shared with a friend, partner or colleague at small additional charge.  Lessons are held at your English teacher’s home in Sliema, Malta.


Private English lessons are the best choice for students who need to focus on improving their English quickly.  This intensive private English Course is a popular choice for students who intend to sit for an exam, prepare for an upcoming job interview or simply give their English a boost.

The standard Private English Course consists of 10 Private English lessons of 45 minutes each in individual classes.  This Private English Lesson Course allows students to concentrate on their individual areas of interest in English.  Some students prefer to focus on communicating and perfecting their speaking and pronunciation skills in English.  Students preparing for an English exam (IELTS, Cambridge, TELT, MATSEC, etc.), may need to improve their overall score or target specific weaknesses in particular exam papers.

Private English Lessons – Course Structure

The standard course of Private English Lessons consists of 10 lessons of 45 minutes each in individual classes.  This is a very flexible course which is open to visitors as well as individuals living in Malta.  Students may also share lessons with a friend or colleague at no additional cost.  The lessons can be taken over a 5 day period or split up over a longer period of time.  The beauty of booking individual private lessons is that lessons can be held on any day of the week (weekends included).  Students may also opt to take their Private English lessons in the mornings or evenings to suit their requirements.

Your English teacher has years of experience teaching both Private & Group lessons to students from all over the world.  She has completed the CELTA and TEFL Courses for English teachers and also has a B.A. Hons in English.  She specialises in a communicative approach with a focus on improving pronunciation, increasing vocabulary and perfecting social English.