Grammar Test: B1 Intermediate


Adjectives vs Adverbs B1:  Multiple Choice Exercise
ING or ED? Confusing Adjectives:  Multiple Choice Exercise
Like vs As:  Multiple Choice Exercise


Present Simple or Continuous Exercises: Multiple Choice / Gap Fill Exercises
100 Common Irregular Verbs: Past Simple / Past Participle Gap Fill Exercises
Present Perfect Exercise Practice:  Multiple Choice Exercise
Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise B1:  Multiple Choice Exercise
Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect:  Multiple Choice Exercise
Past Simple or Present Perfect Exercises: Mixed Exercises
Past Simple or Past Continuous Exercises: Multiple Choice / Gap Fill Exercises
Time Words Present Perfect & Simple: Multiple Choice / Gap Fill Exercises
Past Simple, Past Continuous or Past Perfect Exercise: Multiple Choice
Present Perfect vs Present Perfect Continuous: Multiple Choice
Future: Shall, Will, Going to: Multiple Choice Exercise 
Verbs Not Used in Continuous: Multiple Choice Exercise
Mixed Present & Past Tenses: Simple, Continuous or Perfect: Multiple Choice
Practise Past Perfect with Irregular Verbs: Multiple Choice
Verbs of the Senses + like / as if: Multiple Choice


Able to Exercise
Articles Exercise (a, an, the, no article) B1: Multiple Choice
Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate: Multiple Choice
Modals of Obligation & Deduction – Have to / Must / Should: Multiple Choice
Modal Verbs of Ability (Can, Could, Be Able To)

Grammar Test: Mixed Conditional Sentences: Multiple Choice


Since & For Exercise
Since, For or Ago exercise

Until, Since, For, Ago, From, To (4 Various Exercises)
Time Prepositions
Prepositions of Time Exercises
Verbs With 2 Objects
FOR vs TO Exercise
Verb + Preposition (to/at/no preposition) Exercise
At the end / In the end exercise


Enough vs Too Much & Too Many
No, None, Any Exercises
Nothing, Nowhere, Nobody vs Anything, Anywhere, Anybody

What vs Which Relative Pronouns Exercises: multiple choice / fill in the blank

Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns Exercise

Subject Object Questions

As, When, Whenever Linking Words Exercise

100 Most Common Phrasal Verbs


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