SAT English Vocabulary to Describe Personality

Please scroll down for a complete list of adjectives to describe personality and their synonyms.
In addition to the crossword below, you will also find a multiple-choice exercise at the bottom of this page.



Wry Ironic, Sardonic, Dry, Snide, Sarcastic
Audacious Bold, Brave, Daring
Gregarious Sociable, Outgoing, Friendly
Prudent Cautious, Wary, Careful
Ambivalent Indecisive, Undecided, Torn
Sardonic Cynical, Sarcastic, Mordant
Unorthodox Unconventional, Nontraditional, Innovative
Meticulous Thorough, Painstaking, Diligent, Exacting
Apathetic Indifferent, Uninterested, Passive
Obdurate Stubborn, Inflexible, Unyielding
Indulgent Lavish, Extravagant, Decadent, Over-tolerant
Mercurial Erratic, Unpredictable, Capricious, Fickle
Uncouth Crude, Rude, Vulgar
Intrepid Fearless, Undaunted, Bold, Courageous
Itinerant Nomadic, Wandering, Roaming
Unflappable Calm, Composed, Collected
Flamboyant Showy, Ostentatious, Bold
Placid Calm, Serene, Tranquil
Intemperate Excessive, Unrestrained, Uncontrolled
Pompous Arrogant, Self-important, Pretentious
Skeptical Doubtful, Cynical, Suspicious
Spartan Austere, Simple, Minimalist
Impecunious Poor, Penniless, Broke
Jocular Humorous, Witty, Playful
Maudlin Sentimental, Emotional, Tearful
Quixotic Idealistic, Unrealistic, Impractical
Eccentric Unconventional, Quirky, Odd
Reticent Reserved, Quiet, Shy
Resilient Strong, Tough, Enduring
Despondent Hopeless, Depressed, Dejected
Implacable Unforgiving, Relentless, Unyielding, Ruthless
Abstemious Moderate, Temperate, Self-restrained, Sober
Implacable Unforgiving, Relentless, Unyielding, Ruthless
Inexorable Inevitable, Unstoppable, Inflexible, Unbending
Incoherent Illogical, Confused, Disorganized, Rambling
Irreverent Disrespectful, Impious, Unreverent, Profane
Magnanimous Generous, Noble, Forgiving, Benevolent
Pragmatic Practical, Realistic, Utilitarian
Presumptuous Arrogant, Brazen, overbearing, impertinent
Recalcitrant Defiant, Obstinate, Stubborn,Obdurate
Affable Gregarious, Amiable, Genial, Agreaeable
Altruistic Selfless, Charitable, Philanthropic
Morose Gloomy, Sullen, Melancholic, Despondent
Diffident Self-doubting, self-effacing, hesitant
Aloof Detached, Reserved, Unapproachable
Enigmatic Inscrutable,Mysterious, Baffling
Credulous Naive, Gullible, Unwary
Autonomous Independent, Self-governing, Self-reliant
Uncouth Boorish, Crass, Vulgar, Crude
Nonchalant Indifferent, dispassionate, Unmoved
Obsequious sycophantic, ingratiating, fawning, servile
Tenacious persistent, immovable, dogged
Dexterous Adroit, Deft, Adept, Skillful
Callous insensitive, heartless
Nefarious Villanous, Abominable, Evil


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