Irregular Past Perfect

2 Created on December 04, 2020 Irregular Past Perfect Multiple-choice exercise to practise IRREGULAR PAST PARTICIPLES in Past Perfect sentences. 1 / 36 I couldn't phone him because he _______ (give) me his phone number. hadn't gave hadn't given 2 / 36 When we woke up, we saw that a tree ______ down in the storm. had falled had fallen 3 / ... Read More

FOR vs TO Exercise

3 Created on December 03, 2020 FOR vs TO Exercise Multiple-choice Exercise.  Choose FOR or TO to complete the gap in the sentence. 1 / 46 She went to the shop _____ some milk. for to 2 / 46 I brought the dog _____ the vet. for to 3 / 46 It takes 10 minutes to walk _____ the university. ... Read More

Verbs of the Senses + like / as if

0 Created on December 01, 2020 Verbs of the Senses + like / as if Multiple-choice exerciseComplete the sentences with LOOK, SOUND, TASTE, FEEL, SMELL + LIKE or AS IF 1 / 41 Use look/smell/sound/seem/feel/appears AS IF in…... Informal speaking Formal writing 2 / 41 This lemon cake tastes just _______ my mother's. like as if 3 / 41 Have ... Read More

Enough vs Too Much & Too Many

3 Created on November 29, 2020 Enough vs Too Much & Too Many Multiple-choice exercise to practise the difference between ENOUGH, NOT ENOUGH, TOO MUCH & TOO MANY 1 / 40 She's _____ to do anything she wants. clever enough too much clever 2 / 40 I'm _____ tired to watch the movie. I'm going to bed. too too much 3 ... Read More

Most of vs Most Exercise

What’s the difference between MOST OF and MOST? Use MOST OF THE to talk about a specific group.  Example sentence: Most of the children in my class are French. USE MOST to make a generalisation or to talk about the majority.  Example sentence: Most children like ice-cream.

Black Idioms & Expressions

1 Created on November 27, 2020 Black Idioms & Expressions 1 / 14 When someone is a BLACK SHEEP, they… are the strangest person in a group of people. not very intelligent. 2 / 14 If a business makes money or a profit, we say it is IN THE BLACK. What is the opposite? in the white. in the red. ... Read More

Adjectives vs Adverbs B1 Exercise

Mixed Adjectives & Adverbs – B1 Intermediate Level ING or ED? Confusing Adjectives Exercise Grammar Rules:  Adjective Order in English

SO, VERY, TOO Exercise

Multiple-Choice Exercise to practise the difference between SO & VERY   Grammar Rules: SO vs VERY

So vs Such Exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise to practise the difference between SO & SUCH USE SO: before an adjective to make it stronger.  Example:  The movie was so good. USE SUCH: before a noun to make the phrase stronger.  Example:  It’s such a good movie. PRACTICE EXERCISE SO or SUCH (A2 / Pre-Intermediate Level) SO, VERY, SO THAT Grammar Rules