Essential Verbs For SAT / ACT

  Verb Synonyms Antonyms Prattle Babble, Chatter, Gabble Be silent, Speak clearly Upbraid Blame, Rebuke, Reproach Praise, Compliment, Approve Covet Desire, Crave, Yearn for Give, Donate, Relinquish Exhort Encourage, Urge, Advise Discourage, Deter, Dissuade Digress Deviate, Stray, Wander Stay on topic, Stay focused, Stick to the point Polarize Divide, Split, Separate Unify, Bring together, Merge Stymie Block, Hinder, Obstruct Assist, … Read More

SAT English Vocabulary to Describe Personality

Please scroll down for a complete list of adjectives to describe personality and their synonyms. In addition to the crossword below, you will also find a multiple-choice exercise at the bottom of this page.     ADJECTIVE SYNONYM Wry Ironic, Sardonic, Dry, Snide, Sarcastic Audacious Bold, Brave, Daring Gregarious Sociable, Outgoing, Friendly Prudent Cautious, Wary, Careful Ambivalent Indecisive, Undecided, Torn … Read More

Word Order in Questions: Do & Does

Question Word Order in the Present Simple Structure Question Word   Do / Does  Subject Infinitive Where do you live? What do snakes eat? What time do they leave? Complete the questions in the following exercise by filling in the gaps. Example Question: Where ______ (you/work)? Example Answer: Where do you work?

Still, yet, already exercise

STILL, YET & ALREADY STILL: Use still to mean that something is taking longer than expected. For this reason it is often used to express surprise. Note that still is placed before the auxiliary verb have in the present perfect (i.e. I still haven’t found the answer). However, when used with the Present Continuous it is placed between the auxiliary … Read More

Questions with do and does

Question Formation using do and does. In the following exercise complete the gaps in the questions using do and does. Example: How often ________ (you/play) football? I play football every day. How often do you play football?

Difference between Then and After Exercise

What’s the difference between then and after? Test your knowledge with this exercise! Choose THEN or AFTER to complete the sentences in the multiple choice exercise below.