1st Conditional Exercise 1: Multiple Choice 1st Conditional Exercise 2: Complete the Gap 1st Conditional Exercise 3: Multiple Choice 1st Conditional Exercise 4: Multiple Choice RELATED EXERCISES If vs When Exercises

Second Conditional Sentences Exercises

Exercise 1: Second Conditional Multiple Choice Choose the best form of the verb to complete the sentences in the Second Conditional Form Exercise 2: Second Conditional Complete the Gaps Fill the gaps in the sentences with the correct form of the verb

Present Simple, Present Continuous or Present Perfect

Mixed Verb Tense Forms in the Present – B1 Intermediate Level Multiple Choice Exercise Complete the gaps in the sentences by choosing the correct form of the PRESENT SIMPLE, PRESENT CONTINUOUS or PRESENT PERFECT. Use the Present Simple: For present habits & routines, facts and regular actions. Use the Present Continuous: For unfinished or ongoing actions in the present. Use … Read More

What kind of NOUN am I?

EXERCISE 1:  Choose the best answer to complete the sentence EXERCISE 2:  Select the type of noun

Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns Exercise

0 votes, 0 avg Created on April 24, 2021 Reflexive vs Non Reflexive Pronouns 1 / 24 He felt _____ head and she was hot. She had a fever. herself her 2 / 24 They painted the house all by ______. themselves them 3 / 24 We didn't hurt ______ in the car accident. ourselves ourself 4 / 24 Learn ... Read More


Read the text below and then match the phrasal verbs to their meanings in the exercise below. When we started our online toy shop, the first thing we did was to stock up on as many different types of toys as we could find.  We had to shop around for a good deal and luckily, we found a store that … Read More