Able to Exercise

Choose the correct form of the verb TO BE ABLE TO and complete the gaps in the sentences. Be careful!  You need to select between present, present perfect, past and future forms.  Remember that able is followed by to in this structure. Exercise Level: B1 / Intermediate

Articles Exercise (a, an, the, no article) B1

Basic Grammar Rules: Articles (A / AN / THE / NO ARTICLE) Use A / AN for: things / objects / places / people etc.  that are new to the listener or reader. Example sentences:  1. There is a book on a table. 2. I met a friend yesterday. Use THE for: specific things / objects / places / people which are already known to the … Read More

Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate

302 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparative vs Superlatives Exercise B1 Intermediate Test your comparatives and superlatives in English with this exercise. 1 / 54 I was more stressed before. I'm not _________ (stress) before. as stressed than as stressed as 2 / 54 Buses are cheaper than trains. Buses are ___________ (expensive) than trains. less expensive than more expensive ... Read More

Superlatives Exercise Elementary A2

26 Created on July 05, 2020 Superlatives Exercise Elementary A2 Do you know how to use superlatives in English?Test yourself with this exercise.Elementary / A2 Level 1 / 10 Vegetables are one of ________ (healthy) foods you can eat. healthiest healthiest than the healthiest 2 / 10 We're staying in Malta for one week but John is staying for 2 ... Read More

Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2

Read these rules for the comparative form in English before completing the comparatives exercise below. Use the comparative form in English when you want to compare 2 things. For example: America is bigger than England. Horses are more intelligent than rabbits. Comparative Form Add /er/ to the end of adjectives with one syllable and adjectives with 2 syllables ending in … Read More


5 Created on July 04, 2020 PRESENT PERFECT OR PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS Really learn the difference between the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous with this quiz. 1 / 48 She _______ (like) him for a long time. has liked has been liking 2 / 48 He _______ (start) the book three times but he can't finish it. has ... Read More

Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise B1

 Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise This quiz will test your knowledge of past participles, use of tenses & word order for questions and time words. Level: B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False: Present Perfect or Past Simple Multiple Choice Exercise: Present Perfect or Past Simple  Multiple Choice … Read More

Future Exercises: B1 Intermediate 

Test your knowledge of the future in English with this quiz. Use shall, will, be going to or the present continuous to complete the exercise.  Be careful!  There is often more than one correct way to talk about the future in English!


20 JOB FLASHCARDS TO BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY IN ENGLISH. Learn the following words: dentist, doctor, firefighter, builder, nurse, photographer, soldier, criminal, thief, taxi driver, chef, painter, artist, gardener, delivery person, singer, life guard, thief, hair stylist, barber, hairdresser, detective.  

100 most common phrasal verbs

100 MOST USEFUL PHRASAL VERBS This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the 100 Most Common and useful phrasal verbs in English. Can you understand these common phrasal verbs? Choose the verb that has the same or synonymous meaning to the verb in bold in the sentence.