Past Modals of Possibility and Probability Exercise

4 Created on March 29, 2021 Past Modals of Possibility and Probability Exercise Choose the best modal verb of possibility to complete the gap in the sentence.Multiple-Choice Exercise 1 / 15 The soup lacks salt. I _______ more. can have added must have added should have added 2 / 15 It's not possible that they left without me. Which sentence ... Read More

Antonym Prefixes Exercise

Use prefixes un / dis / mis / im to write the Antonyms or opposites of the words below. Examples: true true untrue happy unhappy like dislike connect disconnect patient impatient possible impossible mature immature fortune misfortune behave misbehave

Wish Exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise Select the best answer to complete the gap in the sentences.

Other Ways to Say IF

Multiple-Choice Exercise Choose in case / provided / supposing / if / unless to complete the gaps in the sentences.


PRESENT & FUTURE actions Use SHOULD + verb to give advice / make a suggestion / express obligation You should eat at least 5 fruit & vegetables every day. You shouldn’t go to bed late before an exam. PAST actions Use SHOULD HAVE + PAST PARTICIPLE to express regret / criticism Examples: I should have studied for my English test. … Read More