Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2

1 Created on July 05, 2020 Comparatives Exercise Elementary A2 Test your comparatives in English with this quiz!Beginner / Elementary Level 1 / 11 Switzerland is ________ (expensive) Italy. expensiver more expensive than more expensive 2 / 11 The sofa is _______ (comfortable) the chair. more comfortable than comfortable than comfortabler 3 / 11 It's _______ (wet) in the winter ... Read More


2 Created on July 04, 2020 PRESENT PERFECT OR PRESENT PERFECT CONTINUOUS Really learn the difference between the Present Perfect and the Present Perfect Continuous with this quiz. 1 / 48 He _______ (start) the book three times but he can't finish it. has started has been starting 2 / 48 We have been finishing our trip to Malta. We ... Read More

Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise B1

 Present Perfect or Past Simple Exercise This quiz will test your knowledge of past participles, use of tenses & word order for questions and time words. Level: B1 / Intermediate More Exercises at B1 / Intermediate Level: Drag & Drop Exercise / True or False: Present Perfect or Past Simple Multiple Choice Exercise: Present Perfect or Past Simple  Multiple Choice … Read More

Future Exercises: B1 Intermediate 

Test your knowledge of the future in English with this quiz. Use shall, will, be going to or the present continuous to complete the exercise.  Be careful!  There is often more than one correct way to talk about the future in English!


20 JOB FLASHCARDS TO BUILD YOUR VOCABULARY IN ENGLISH. Learn the following words: dentist, doctor, firefighter, builder, nurse, photographer, soldier, criminal, thief, taxi driver, chef, painter, artist, gardener, delivery person, singer, life guard, thief, hair stylist, barber, hairdresser, detective.  

100 most common phrasal verbs

100 MOST USEFUL PHRASAL VERBS This quiz is designed to test your knowledge of the 100 Most Common and useful phrasal verbs in English. Can you understand these common phrasal verbs? Choose the verb that has the same or synonymous meaning to the verb in bold in the sentence.

Speak, Ask, Say, Tell, Reply

Vocabulary exercise to practise use of speak, ask, say, tell and reply. 15 questions and answers.  Multiple Choice Exercise to complete the gap in the sentence   Practice Exercise with Say & Tell Difference between Say & Tell explained.

Grammar Test A2

/43 13 Created on June 28, 2020 By Mo A2 Grammar Test This quiz is designed for students at an A2 Level of English to test elementary grammar, word order and sentence structure.GOOD LUCK! 1 / 43 The restaurant didn't have ______ pancakes today.  They were finished. some a any 2 / 43 I didn’t ________ he was a teacher. ... Read More

Take, Make or Do Elementary Exercise

Learn the difference between take, make and do with this interactive multiple-choice exercise. Choose the correct answer. Make or Do Multiple Choice Exercise Click here for expressions with take Make or Do – Vocabulary List What’s the difference between DO & MAKE?  

Make or Do Elementary Exercises

Practise the difference between MAKE & DO with this interactive multiple-choice exercise. More exercises with MAKE & DO Take, Make or Do Multiple-Choice Exercise LEARN Word Collocation: MAKE Difference between MAKE & DO + exercise Keep going!  Click here to learn common expressions with take