Plenty of, Few, Little Exercises

13 Created on April 20, 2021 Plenty of, Few, Little Exercises Multiple Choice QuizChoose the plenty of/to, few, a few of, little, a little to complete the gaps in the sentences below. 1 / 31 There were only _____ chairs so we couldn't sit down. little a few 2 / 31 He has ______ luggage. Can you give him a ... Read More

Verb Followed by Preposition (to vs at)

Read the explanation and complete the EXERCISE below. In this exercise, there are some common verbs which are generally followed by at, to or no preposition. Verbs Followed By TO Verb TO speak / talk to someone about something apologise to someone for something reply to someone  write to someone Verbs Followed By NO Preposition Verb No Preposition answer someone … Read More


What’s the difference between USED TO / BE USED TO / GET USED TO & WOULD? USED TO / WOULD = Regular Habit in the Past I used to/ would ride my bike after school every day. I used to smoke.  I would smoke. I used to/ would smoke a packet of cigarettes every day. TO BE USED TO + … Read More

Does she’s mean she is or she has?

Does she’s mean she is or she has? It can mean both she has & she is. Compare the following sentences. Her name is Jane. / Her name’s Jane. She is going tomorrow. / She’s going tomorrow. She has gone to work. / She’s gone to work. It has been a difficult job. / It’s been a difficult job. In … Read More

IELTS Describing Graphs

When describing trends in a graph, pie-chart or histogram, it’s useful to have a range of vocabulary to use. Drag and drop the verbs below to organise them into the correct columns according to whether they indicate going up, going down or remaining the same. Drag and drop the words below to organise these intensifying words into adjectives & adverbs … Read More

Phrasal Verbs for Banking


Exercise 1 Match the phrasal verb to its meaning Exercise 2 Complete the gap with one of the phrasal verbs above Exercise 3 Multiple-choice

100 Irregular Verbs in the Past: B1 Intermediate

The exercises and table below have the 100 most common verbs in the past which you really need to learn at a B1 or Intermediate level of English. One easy way to improve your English is to really learn the Irregular verb forms in the Past Simple and the Past Perfect. To do this, you need to memorise the most … Read More

Phrasal Verbs for Money

Read the text below and then try and match the phrasal verbs with make to their meaning. I had wanted to buy a motorbike for ages and I had been setting money aside for months. I’d had to cut back on shopping and spending money at restaurants. Finally, I had enough money and during the Black Friday sales, I picked … Read More

Phrasal Verb Make Exercises

Exercise 1: Drag and Drop Match the phrasal verbs to their meaning Exercise 2: Multiple Choice Exercise 3: Multiple Choice Exercise 4: Multiple Choice Exercise 5: Fill in the Blanks Complete the gaps in the sentences using make as a phrasal verb PHRASAL VERBS EXERCISES