Private English Immersion Course

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This English immersion homestay package includes 15 hours of English lessons a week. The course also includes a Single Room in your Teacher’s Home on a half board basis.


Learning English in the home of your teacher is the best solution for English students who wish to make a significant amount of progress in English in a short space of time.

The Private English Immersion Course is an Intensive Course of One-to-One English Lessons.  This Home Tuition course choice is ideal option for students as it is centered entirely around each individual student’s personal requirements.  During your lessons we can focus on your specific weaknesses and problems in English. Your English course will therefore be based entirely on the areas of English you wish to practise most, be it conversational English, English grammar, Business English or preparing for an English exam.

During the course, you can expect to improve your English pronunciation, English vocabulary and your speaking skills in English.  Your teacher will use various techniques such as role-plays, drilling, discussion, picture prompts, games and pronunciation exercises.

Lesson Timetable
Following breakfast in the morning, students have three hours of lessons with a thirty-minute break. Although this is the standard timetable for the course, lesson times are flexible and students who work remotely are welcome to opt for different class times.

Prior to arrival, students are given an Assessment Test to gauge their written level of English. During the first lesson, the student is also given a Need Analysis Assessment.  This is a short interview to assess students’ spoken English and establish their goals for the course.