Essential Verbs For SAT / ACT


Verb Synonyms Antonyms
Prattle Babble, Chatter, Gabble Be silent, Speak clearly
Upbraid Blame, Rebuke, Reproach Praise, Compliment, Approve
Covet Desire, Crave, Yearn for Give, Donate, Relinquish
Exhort Encourage, Urge, Advise Discourage, Deter, Dissuade
Digress Deviate, Stray, Wander Stay on topic, Stay focused, Stick to the point
Polarize Divide, Split, Separate Unify, Bring together, Merge
Stymie Block, Hinder, Obstruct Assist, Help, Facilitate
Admonish Reprimand, Scold, Chide Praise, Commend, Approve
Dispel Eliminate, Remove, Eradicate Attract, Draw in, Accumulate
Anguish Torment, Suffering, Distress Joy, Happiness, Delight
Laud Praise, Applaud, Commend Criticize, Condemn, Blame
Disparage Belittle, Demean, Depreciate Admire, Compliment, Praise
Curtail Reduce, Cut, Diminish Increase, Expand, Augment
Mentor Guide, Coach, Advise Mislead, Deceive, Misguide
Ostracize Exclude, Shun, Banish Include, Welcome, Embrace
Galvanize Motivate, Stimulate, Inspire Discourage, Demotivate, Inhibit
Bowlderize Censor, Edit, Redact Uncensor, Publish, Release
Expunge Delete, Erase, Remove Add, Include, Insert
Extricate Free, Release, Liberate Trap, Confine, Imprison


Sat English Vocabulary To Describe Personality   


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