Still, yet, already exercise


STILL: Use still to mean that something is taking longer than expected. For this reason it is often used to express surprise. Note that still is placed before the auxiliary verb have in the present perfect (i.e. I still haven’t found the answer). However, when used with the Present Continuous it is placed between the auxiliary and the main verb (i.e. I am still looking for my phone).
Example: She still hasn’t returned the book I gave her.

YET: Use yet to mean until now or up to this moment in time. Yet can only be used in questions and negatives. It is always placed at the end of the sentence or question.
Example: Have you done your homework yet? No, I haven’t done it yet.

ALREADY: Use already to say that something is finished or happened earlier than expected. Note that already is placed before the main verb (i.e. have already done)
Example: I don’t what anything to eat. I’ve already eaten.

Complete the exercise below:

Still, yet, already exercise

Multiple Choice Exercise
Choose still, yet or already to complete the gaps in the sentences.

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It's only 11a.m. and you've ____ had 3 cups of coffee.

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Your dad eats very slowly. He ____ hasn't finished his soup.

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Her child is 3 years old but he ____ can't talk.

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The new hospital hasn't opened ____ .

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We are____ waiting for the train. It's an hour late.

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Pablos isn't home yet. He's ____ at work.

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He ____ owes me 20 dollars. I'm not giving him any more money.

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You don't need to cook. I've ____ made dinner.

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Has Fernando found a job ____?

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Have you got the results of your English test? No, ______

11 / 20

Do you know Julio? Yes, we've ____ met.

12 / 20

I've had this compter for ages but it _____ works well.

13 / 20

Already means…

14 / 20

Is the mail here ___? No, it hasn't arrived.

15 / 20

Still means…

16 / 20

There's no need to tell me. I _____ know.

17 / 20

Yet means…..

18 / 20

I've only done 10 minutes of exercise and I'm _____ exhausted.

19 / 20

He's 7 years old and he _____ doesn't know how to read.

20 / 20

She ____ hasn't done her English exercises and she has a lot more homework to do before she goes to bed.

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